How to Earn Bitcoin — Most Popular Ways

Top 3 Ways That Require Initial Capital


When Bitcoin first arrived, it was feasible for the average person to earn the crypto by mining. You could buy the necessary computer hardware, and it would eventually pay for itself as miners received a lavish reward in BTC for each added block. In 2009 it was 50 BTC, while today the reward is 12.5 BTC.


Yet another way to earn Bitcoin is by trading it, but like gambling, this carries a high risk. The principle behind trading Bitcoin for a profit is very similar to the process of buying and selling forex or various foreign exchange currencies. You buy or sell Bitcoin depending on how you think the market will go and whether you believe it will increase or decrease in value.


Building on the similarities between methods of earning fiat and earning Bitcoin, you can also lend out Bitcoin and earn interest in return. Of course, this method of earning Bitcoin does require you to already have a fair amount of the cryptocurrency. There are several ways to go about lending Bitcoin for interest.

Top 3 Ways That Do Not Require Initial Capital

Selling Goods and Services

One of the simplest methods of earning Bitcoin is to sell a good or service in exchange for the cryptocurrency. If you already have a business, whether in a physical store or online, consider accepting Bitcoin as a payment method. You could do this by sharing your public Bitcoin address and having clients send you the payment for a more informal business. In the case of a formal business, you should consider getting one of the emerging Bitcoin-compatible point-of-sale systems, as it will keep records and function in a familiar way. Accepting Bitcoin as payment is particularly easy for online businesses, as there are multiple merchant tools available.

Getting a Job That Pays in Bitcoin

Another emerging option for earning Bitcoin is the same method we use to earn fiat: working for it. Although there are still somewhat limited options of jobs that pay in Bitcoin, it is certainly possible to find one. You can find full-time employment, part-time work, or freelance jobs that pay in Bitcoin.

Using Faucets

One method of earning Bitcoin that is fairly reliable but gives you rewards very slowly is a Bitcoin faucet. These are reward systems via applications or websites that deliver rewards in the form of Satoshis, which are hundreds of a millionth BTC. These faucets tend to have extremely easy tasks for users to complete in exchange for Satoshi, such as:



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