The State of Dash -Will the DASH/USD Price Eventually Recover

Key features of Dash

Dash stands for Digital Cash and is intended to act like real cash and be used worldwide. Being developed on top of the Bitcoin codebase, it improves upon some features that Bitcoin hasn’t managed to enhance yet — scalability, speed, and cheaper transactions. It also offers better privacy; the developers even consider it the core feature of this cryptocurrency. Scalability and speed are ensured due to the increased block size of 2MB that allows for a 2.5-minute confirmation period.

  • InstantSend: confirms transactions within a couple of seconds
  • PrivateSend: hides the details of a transaction using a mixing service
  • Governance and Treasury: allows stakeholders to define the project’s development path
  • Evolution: a Dash-based platform aimed at making cryptocurrency transactions as fast as those of PayPal

Dash compared to other coins

As we can see, Dash was designed to solve scalability and privacy issues that the major coins are suffering from. But there are other cryptocurrencies with similar goals, for instance, Litecoin and Zcash. Each has a group of devoted supporters and a well-developed infrastructure to boast of.

Reasons for recovery

One important aspect that might help Dash prosper is fruitful partnerships.

Future prospects

Although cryptocurrencies are in a weakened state now, the situation can change in an instant as it usually happens in the industry. Losses are inevitable in any market, be it a cryptocurrency market or a traditional stock market, which is also surrounded by investor uncertainty now.



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